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So you’ve been given the mission to plan an unforgettable event,
luckily for you this is what we specialise in!

King Tut the Pharoah of Egypt built a hidden temple in the desert to store his enormous wealth. For protection he created rooms and puzzles to test skill, mental and physical abilities. Only the brightest, strongest and quickest will be able to escape the tomb and find his treasure.

Are you ready for the next level of entertainment… THIS IS IT!

How it works

Building Your Perfect Team

You’ll need a group of people with individual strengths to face the different challenges: mental, skill and physical.

Each team will be made up of a maximum of 12 players.

Appoint a team leader and be guided through King Tut’s Ancient Tomb.

The Games

Take on various challenges to successfully complete each type of game.

1 or 2 players can play each game while the rest of your team shout instructions through the doors or windows to help.

No two challenges are the same so make sure you have your wits about you.

All of these games are tackled against a ticking clock and always remember NEVER GIVE UP……

The Aim Of The Game

Successfully completing a game will earn your team a “clue sphere”.

Collect as many of these precious sphere’s as possible to win clues for the epic centre-piece of the game, the escape from King Tut’s Tomb.

King Tut’s Tomb

You and your team take part in the final adventure and use all of your strength’s to escape from King Tut’s Tomb.

You’ll need to master mental, skill and physical games.

But remember when the clocks ticking and all appears lost – NEVER GIVE UP! To be victorious and escape the tomb.